1、Eternity is not a distance but a decision.

2、We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.

3、All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.

4、If someone truly loves you, distance is not a problem. It’s just the power of making love grow each day.

5、It doesn’t matter who has hurt you or beat you down. What matters is who can make you smile again.

6、Two similar people are suited to have fun together; two complimentary people are suited to grow old together

7、Regardless of what the obstacles in this life may be, I will run my race to the best of my ability.

8、With this hand, I will lift your sorrows. Your cup will never empty, for I will be your wine. With this candle, I will light your way in darkness. With this ring, I ask you to be mine.
执子之手,承汝之忧。 愿为甜酿,盈汝之杯。 但为明烛,为汝之光。 永佩此誓,与汝偕老。

9、If you are passionate about something, pursue it, no matter what anyone else thinks. That’s how dreams are achieved.

10、Give people a chance to get to know you, and take time getting to know them, Love doesn’t rush.

11、Don’t be jealous that people have done better than you. All you need to do is keep breaking your own record every day, for success is a fight between you and yourself.

12、If you don’t have the courage to begin, how will you experience the crazy fun ride? How will you know what your final destination looks like?

13、It’s fortunate to be understood, but not being understood by others isn’t necessarily unfortunate. One who bases his self worth on others’ understanding of them may wind up worthless.

14、The person who can find sorrow behind your smile, words behind your silence and love behind your anger, is the one who can hold you forever.

15、Never use your eyes to cry for the wrong person who hurt you. Instead use it to search for the right one.

16、Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

17、The Lord prefers common-looking people. That is the reason he makes so many of them.

18、The heaven is but one remove from the hell, love stands between them.

19、I can stay to recall, only then has disconsolate.

20、I prefer having your accompanying for life-long time to the short-time tenderness.

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